The Dictionary of Quality Standards

We are frequently asked nomenclature related questions relating to the thousands of published quality standards. Often these seek to establish the ISBN of a standard, or its title, or its date of publication. This section is designed to provide a simple cross reference function for this information.

We have organised the standards by international publication organization. Within that, each standard is listed alphabetically.

Finally, for those seeking to purchase a standard, we have affiliated to a major supplier, and provided a simple quote request form throughout.


BSI Standards
These are the standards published by the British Standards Institute (BSI)

EN Standards
These are the standards published via the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN)

ISO Standards
These are the standards published via the Internationa Organisation for Standardisation

Other Standards
These are standards published via a range of other standardisation bodies and institutes

BIP Documents
These are a series of supporting documents published by BSI.

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