The Dictionary of Quality Standards
CWA 14927 +

Standard No Title of Standard ISBN Published Also Known As
CWA 14927 Recommendations on a model for expressing learner competencies 01/03/2004 CWA14927:2004
CWA 14928 Review on SIF infrastructure, architecture, message processing 01/03/2004 CWA14928:2004
CWA 14929 Internationalisation of SIF and harmonisation with other specs 01/03/2004 CWA14929:2004
CWA 14946 European econstruction framework (EeF). Context and scope for 01/03/2004 CWA14946:2004
CWA 14947 European econstruction architecture (EeA). Blueprint for an IC 01/03/2004 CWA14947:2004
CWA 14948 Guidelines for XML/EDITEX messages in the textile/clothing sec 01/03/2004 CWA14948:2004
CWA 14949 funStep AP-application interpreted model, including validation 01/03/2004 CWA14949:2004
CWA 14950 Implementation planning for AP236 01/03/2004 CWA14950:2004
CWA 15005 ICT curriculum development guidelines for the ICT supply Indus 01/05/2004 CWA15005:2004
CWA 15043 Proposal for a XML-based format for storage and exchange of de 01/07/2004 CWA15043:2004
CWA 15044 Test and evaluation of demining machines 01/07/2004 CWA15044:2004
CWA 15045 Multilingual catalogue strategies for eCommerce and eBusiness 01/07/2004 CWA15045:2004
CWA 15064 SAD Imports Declaration. Implementation model 01/08/2004 CWA15064:2004
CWA 15065 SAD Exports Declaration. Implementation model 01/08/2004 CWA15065:2004
CWA 15066 SAD Transit Declaration. Implementation model 01/08/2004 CWA15066:2004
CWA 15141 European econstruction meta-schema (EeM) 01/12/2004 CWA15141:2004
CWA 15142 European econstruction ontology (EeO) 01/12/2004 CWA15142:2004
CWA 15143 European econstruction software implementation toolset (EeS) 01/12/2004 CWA15143:2004
CWA 15145 Automotive fuels. Water in diesel fuel emulsions for use in in 01/12/2004 CWA15145:2004
CWA 15155 Adaptation of SIF (schools interoperability framework) data mo 01/12/2004 CWA15155:2004


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