The Dictionary of Quality Standards
CWA 15540 +

Standard No Title of Standard ISBN Published Also Known As
CWA 15540 Coding for railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and o 01/05/2006 CWA15540:2006
CWA 15541 Coding for railway business locations 01/05/2006 CWA15541:2006
CWA 15554 Specifications for a web accessibility conformity assessment s 01/06/2006 CWA15554:2006
CWA 15555 Guidelines and support for building application profiles in e- 01/06/2006 CWA15555:2006
CWA 15556-1 Product description and classification. New property library 01/06/2006 CWA15556-1:2006
CWA 15556-2 Product description and classification. Product classes with s 01/06/2006 CWA15556-2:2006
CWA 15556-3 Product description and classification. Results of development 01/06/2006 CWA15556-3:2006
CWA 15557 Scenarios and XML templates for B2B in textile clothing manufa 31/07/2006 CWA15557:2006
CWA 15574 Commission Recommendation 1994/820/EC October 1994, proposed r 01/07/2006 CWA15574:2006
CWA 15575 The list of invoice content details identified in the Directiv 01/07/2006 CWA15575:2006
CWA 15576 Recommendation to allow coded identifiers as an alternative to 01/07/2006 CWA15576:2006
CWA 15577 A standardised set of codes with definitions to replace plain 01/07/2006 CWA15577:2006
CWA 15578 Survey of VAT data element usage in the Member States and the 01/07/2006 CWA15578:2006
CWA 15579 E-invoices and digital signatures 01/12/2007 CWA15579:2007
CWA 15580 Storage of electronic invoices 01/07/2006 CWA15580:2006
CWA 15581 Guidelines for einvoicing service providers 01/07/2006 CWA15581:2006
CWA 15582 eInvoice reference model for EU VAT purposes specification 01/07/2006 CWA15582:2006
CWA 15596 Code of practice on cleanability of commercial food equipment 01/09/2006 CWA15596:2006
CWA 15627 Small punch test method for metallic materials 01/12/2006 CWA15627:2006
CWA 15627 Small punch test method for metallic materials 01/12/2007 CWA15627:2007


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