The Dictionary of Quality Standards
CWA 14174-8 Version 2 +

Standard No Title of Standard ISBN Published Also Known As
CWA 14174-8 Version 2 Financial transactional IC card reader (FINREAD). Client appli 01/10/2004 CWA14174-8:2004 Version 2
CWA 14191 Co-ordination of directory management domains (DMDs) 15/05/2001 CWA14191:2001
CWA 14192 Guidance for the realisation of corporate directories 15/05/2001 CWA14192:2001
CWA 14193 Directory synchronisation and the meta-directory. An analysis 15/05/2001 CWA14193:2001
CWA 14228 Summaries of some frameworks, architectures and models for ele 15/06/2001 CWA14228:2001
CWA 14243 Post-consumer tyre materials and applications 15/06/2002 CWA14243:2002
CWA 14247 Water treatment membranes. Influence of materials on water int 15/07/2001 CWA14247:2001
CWA 14248 FunStep (furniture product and business data) - funStep applic 15/07/2001 CWA14248:2001
CWA 14249 FunStep (furniture product and business data) - funStep applic 15/12/2002 CWA14249:2002
CWA 14355 Guidelines for the implementation of secure signature-creation 01/03/2004 CWA14355:2004
CWA 14356 Agreed requirements on multimodal tracking and tracing systems 15/11/2001 CWA14356:2001
CWA 14357 Quality of internet service. Project team final report 15/11/2001 CWA14357:2001
CWA 14365-1 Guide on the use of electronic signatures. Legal and technical 01/03/2004 CWA14365-1:2004
CWA 14365-2 Guide on the use of electronic signatures. Protection profile 01/03/2004 CWA14365-2:2004
CWA 14426 Investigation of possible roles for directories within electro 15/03/2002 CWA14426:2002
CWA 14445 European generic article register. Recommendations regarding t 15/03/2002 CWA14445:2002
CWA 14446 European generic article register. Conceptual description of E 15/03/2002 CWA14446:2002
CWA 14515 Model of different categories of furniture and types of produc 15/06/2002 CWA14515:2002
CWA 14523 Description for the types of business advice and support servi 15/06/2002 CWA14523:2002
CWA 14536 Functional specification of an open multimodal tracking & trac 15/08/2002 CWA14536:2002


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